Spearfishing Benefits

Spearfishing Benefits

We at Spear Gods believe that spearfishing is one of the most physically challenging and environmentally friendly forms of harvesting fish. 

Contrary to popular belief, it is not like "shooting fish in a barrel". Not even close! And I would challenge anyone to give it a try. It often takes many years for a diver to become a regularly successful underwater hunter.

Spearfishing is the least harmful and most selective method of harvest and spearfisherman, and women are typically outstanding stewards of the environment as they not only see what is above the sea, but also below it. 

*There is virtually no bycatch as an underwater hunter can not only see the selected species, but they can also see the size of the intended prey.

*There is virtually no damage to essential fish habitat, birds or other mammals from lead sinkers, hooks, or monofilament fishing lines.

*Spearfishing is generally less stressful on the fish and more humane as spear shot fish are often dispatched instantly or very soon after being shot. Compare this to line caught fish which sometimes fight for long periods of time and suffocate to death on the deck of the boat, in a cooler, or on the shore.

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