Spearfishing University- Shot Placement, Part 1

Spearfishing University- Shot Placement, Part 1

Welcome to Spear Gods Spearfishing University (SFU).

In this series, we will be showing best shot placements for various species as well as best shot angles depending on the position of the fish.

Here at Spear Gods, we get asked all the time "Where is the best place to shoot a fish"?

We always answer with "The place the fish wants to be shot!"

Fish don't always give us the "ideal" shot and the shot placement will often vary by species, but the ideal shot is always someplace that will smash central nervous system (CNS) or at least be a good holding shot. And the largest place for CNS on a fish is where the spinal cord meets the skull (brain).

In this picture, we show one of the best shots on a reef fish.

Reef fish are body swimmers meaning they swim from their neck in an exaggerated "S" fashion versus most  Pelagic's, which swim more from their tails. By shooting in a swimming away, downward angle (see picture) you will lose less fish due to flopper issues and you will prevent the fish from flexing its neck.

This shot also has a very high chance of instantly disabling a fish, is a good holding shot, and doesn't destroy delicious fillets.

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