Traumatic First Aid Injuries

Traumatic First Aid Injuries

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Nobody wants to think about severe injuries when we are out having fun, but it's extremely important to not only think about "what could happen" but also have a plan.

It starts with getting yourself and your buddies "mentally ready."
At least talk about what you would do if somebody was severely cut by a prop, hit by a boat, injured by a speargun, or bitten by a sea creature. What would you do???
Mentally preparing yourself for an event like this is crucial to a successful outcome.
Make sure everybody you're diving with knows exactly where the first aid kit is and discuss the contents and how to use them!

I highly recommend taking a first aid/CPR course to anyone that steps foot outside their door. Knowing basic first aid and CPR could, and most likely will, benefit you greatly at some point in your life. An advanced First aid course is even better. Have some fun and take a class with your buddies. You may just save a life someday!

Also, make sure to have a real first aid kit with you at all times. And not just some band-aids and alcohol wipes but a REAL kit with at least one tourniquet, some quick clot for severe bleeding, EMT shears, Some pain medicine like ibuprofen, allergy medicine, tweezers, thick pressure pads. Throw in a roll of duct as well.
Maybe include a jar of lionfish sting-aid StingMaster Lion Fish Venom Treatment Spear Gods which not only works on lionfish but other aquatic stings as well?

You need to be able to provide life support care until you can get somebody to the next level of care. This can often take hours especially if you're offshore. Even a Coast guard helicopter can take hours to arrive after an accident even when a base is close by!  Even longer still to get an injured person to a hospital!

Nobody wants to think about bad things happening when we are trying to have fun but always have a plan, just-in-case.


Be safe but have fun!

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