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Enclosed track 55" speargun



You need a great speargun for a successful hunt and we are super excited to announce we have teamed with one of the best professional craftsmen in the State of Florida to bring you one of the finest production Spearguns available anywhere.

From the first look you will know that this gun is a cut above anything you have seen before. The perfect fit of the parts, the straightness the track and the hand selected wood, the sexy lines, and the perfect weight/balance that can only be achieved through a lifetime of fine woodworking craftsmanship and professional tools only affordable/available to a small group of professional woodworkers.

It is constructed with multiple hand selected laminates that include a mahogany exterior and an incredibly hard Bolivian rosewood interior. The wood is  additionally colored with a deep dark red and great lines that give the gun a unique, upscale look..


Mahogany outer laminations with a bolivian rosewood super hard enclosed track for durabilty

Spare shaft Holder

Band separation grooves for a cleaner sight picture down the barrel

Rigged with 400lb test and our exclusive ring that allows you to switch from freeshaft to lineshaft instantly.

2 premium spearfishing bands 

2 Top quality Spearcrafters brand 5/16" spearshafts included

Premium Neptonics trigger mech

2 year Spear Gods Warranty against delamination

Lightweight Aluminum handle with oak colored wood handle

Premium speargun butt with 2 built in spare shaft holders


***It is vitally important with any enclosed track speargun to take shots that allow the shaft to completely clear the muzzle of the gun. Severe damage to track and gun can result if this is ignored