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"Evolution" Spear Shaft Ring



This stainless steel ring fits over our exclusive "Evolution" shaft  in order to convert it from a free shaft into a line shaft or lineshaft to freeshaft.

The crimps have knurled edges for easier handling with gloves and to promote better flight through the water.

The ring is tethered to the spear gun with a wrap or 2 of mono and stowed until the spearfisherman decides to put over the flopper of his shaft. After the shaft is fired from the spear gun it will slide down the shaft where it will catch on the back of the evolution crimps located near the rear of shaft.

The Evolution spear shaft has been labeled a "game changer" as well as "an incredible breakthrough in spear shaft design technology" by many experts in the spearfishing community.

*NOTE* This ring will only work with “Evolution” spear shafts and is NOT compatible with other systems or spearshafts.

Use the "Fin Shaft Ring" for shafts with sharkfins or hyperlink systems.

*See video below*