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G.F.T Agguato Carbon Fins


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Of all the carbon fins on the market most were designed for free diving which tend to have a more progressive flow making for slower acceleration. The G.F.T Agguato is designed for spearfishing and are a very reactive fin so your first kick cycle allows for optimal acceleration to help close the gap on big fish and dive in hard currents!


Carbonio GFT Carbon Fins 80cm x 19xm"PRE-PREG" CARBON is what sets these fins apart from all other carbon fins. Several of us at the shop here have had these fins for four years now and have yet to break these carbon fins. They have survived rocky entries, airline baggage, and our friends dropping their weight belts on them. Thats why we can offer a two-year warranty on these fins. Jerry Guerra tested these GFT Carbonio Carbon Fins in the pool against plastic fins. It took Jerry 17 kick cycles with these carbon blades to get to 80 feet (25m) compared to 29 kick cycles with plastic fins. That's almost half the amount of kicking and energy needed to go the same distance. The angle on these blades makes for efficient kicking on the surface and fluid response during the dive. A tapered thickness provides precise movements even on the bottom with outstanding energy transfer from your foot pocket.

  • Includes our FeatherLite Foot Pockets
  • Made from "PRE-PREG" CARBON
  • Two-year warranty
  • Almost half the kick cycles needed to go the same distance as plastic fins
  • Dimensions 31.5 inches x 7.5 inches (80cm x 19cm)