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Ocean Rhino Spearguns RX



Ocean Rhino spearguns are some of the most sturdy, reliable guns on the market. Locally made and made to last, this is a gun which you can pass down to your grandchildren. They are considered the "F150" of spearguns due to their durability and indestructible components. 

 They come with a double flopper shaft, flopper constrictor ring to keep the floppers contained while shooting, and line shaft spring to switch back and forth between free shaft and line shaft. We offer an upgrade to the evolution system which allows for a smooth transition between line and free shaft in seconds including a shaft with no hardware and smaller flopper, allowing for better penetration. For more information on this system, search "evolution ring" on our website to watch the video. Please email after ordering if interested in this $30 upgrade. 

A major advantage of Ocean Rhinos is the ability to add upgrades with ease. Pre-drilled holes on the back of the gun make drilling in spare shaft holders extremely easy. There is a hole in the muzzle of the gun below the shaft which allows the addition of the special ocean rhino flashlight or the kill spike. The kill spike is useful for that crazy flailing fish you cant get your hands on. Simply stab the fish in to the ground to prevent it from tearing through your shaft. There is also a hole in the butt of the gun for a hand held kill spike, which is useful for the scenario where you grabbed a flailing fish and need to end its fight. Both spikes are also useful for protection form sharks or grouper once you have shot a fish and no longer have the sharp shaft sticking out to poke them away.  Both kill spikes are sold separately on this website. 

The Rx series also includes:

  • two bands
  • one shaft
  • Durable Rhino Coating
  • Laminated Barrel
  • Left & Right Side Safety Levers
  • Muzzle Holds up to 3-5/8″ dia. Bands