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Gun Mount for PPD (Powerhead)

Your Spear Gods Personal Protection Device (powerhead) needs to be ready when you need it!  Wasting time checking pockets or fumbling with your suit sleeves could mean the difference between landing your fish and paying the tax man.  

With the PPD gun holder your PPD will always be ready and in the same spot every time!  Our new and improved low profile mount has an even tighter fit to both your gun and your PPD.  Being low profile means the PPD is harder to accidentally get bumped or get caught on rocks and reef.  Being tighter helps give you piece of mind that the PPD will always be there.

Package contains: PPD holder and two #8 x 3/4" stainless steel screws.  

Mounting instructions: 1) Mark holes on your gun. 2) Drill pilot holes. 3) Mount the PPD holder with provided screws, then back them back out. 4) FILL HOLES WITH WATER REPELLENT (we use part A of two part epoxy, no part B). 5) Mount PPD holder. 6) Shoot big fish.

** DO NOT attempt to put powerhead into holder UNTIL it is attached to gun or there is a good chance you will break the holder prying out the powerhead. This is not a warranty issue.

*Fits our Exclusive Re-useable PPD

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