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Re-useable Personal Protection Device (Powerhead)



Model 7.62x54r Personal Protection Device is up to 4 times more powerful than .223 caliber devices.

These devices were born from the commercial spearfishing industry and improved to make them incredibly more reliable than any other device of this type.

The Body has a 120 degree sharply tapered end for reliability on angled shots

The body also has a tapered chamber for easier round extraction.

The Delrin style insert is multi diameter to fit on different types of spear points

(not different shaft diameters) as well as to make them more reliable.

Venting ports on insert for added reliability.

Tethered body and insert to help prevent loss.

Available in 9/32" and 5/16"

No other sizes currently available

Personal Protection devices are extremely dangerous. Serious injury or even death may occur if you are careless or untrained in their use.

Never place device on shaft with fingers or hand in front of device. do not point in unsafe direction. Do not place on shaft until you are immediately ready to use.


Directions included

*Available in 9/32" and 5/16" shaft Only. No metric sizes

*Vented ports for reliability

* Delrin style inserts for reliability

* 120 degree tapered end for reliability

*Gun holder mount is available separately in order to provide immediate access 

*Model 7.62x54r is up to 4 times more powerful that .233 caliber devices

*Tethered to help prevent loss