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Re-useable Personal Protection Device (PPD)


9/32” insert
5/16” insert

Model 7.62x54r powerhead

You want piece of mind that you will remain the top predator?

This reloadable PPD is the best, most reliable, most powerful Personal Protection Device on the market.

It uses precision made multi-diameter, vented port, delrin insert for reliability and to hold securely on spearshaft.

The barrel has 120 degree tapered edge for reliability and to catch on skin/scale.

Barrel and insert are tethered together to prevent loss of either piece.

Pair this with one of our PPD holders and you have quick protection in an instant.

Inserts come in 9/32" and 5/16" 

*Note* Inserts are precision made and do not fit 7mm or 8mm European or South African made shafts.