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Shaft Refurbish



 After we refurbish your shafts they will be the closest thing you can get to a brand new spearshaft for half the price or less!

IF, we can not straighten your spearshaft to like new condition OR your spearshaft is deemed overly damaged or showing signs of cracks, severe corrosion, or weak spots, then we don't charge you.
Price applies to single flopper spearshafts and refurbished spear shafts carry no warranty of any kind.

Our experts will:
1.  Clean, wire wheel, and inspect your old, worn out, or bent spearshafts (any brand).
2.  Remove old Flopper
3.  Straighten spearshaft to like new condition.
4.  Clean flopper pinhole.
5  Clean or Replace (if necessary) flopper with one of our high quality floppers and solid rivets.

6. Re-sharpen tip to rockpoint, threaded tip, tri-cut, or thread with point. (whichever it originally came with)
We can NOT re-thread hardened shafts!
7.  Apply protective coating
8.  Balance shaft
9.  Final test and must pass rigid inspections for straightness.
*** Spring steel shafts will be straightened ONLY and flopper replaced if necessary.
We can NOT clean spring steel shafts as it removes the protective coating and they will start rusting almost immediately. We generally recommend spring steel shafts be replaced.


***After we determine which shafts can be saved, we will send you an electronic invoice.
***Shaft refurbish times can vary depending upon backlog from 1 to 4 weeks.
Shafts should be sent to or dropped off at:
Spear Gods Inc
4083 7th Ter S
St. Petersburg, Fl. 33711