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Slip Tip 5/16 or 9/32


6mm Threads
5/16-24 Threads

If you plan on shooting a big fish then you need to have a slip-tip.

Slip-tips hold fish like no other device as the fish has virtually nothing to apply leverage to

When deciding on a slip tip its vitally important to have one that is strong, slim, and doesn't wiggle.

These tips reflect the famous Mori sliptips and use the same high grade of 17-4 stainless steel.

Tips have been heat treated to make them super hard and tough and then electro-polished make them shiny.

They have been CNC machined to exceptionally tight tolerances so they will not wiggle and throw off your shot like cheaper tips do

Tips use super tough dyneema and fit 6mm threads (typically 9/32 and 7mm threaded shafts) or 5/16-24 threads which are on all of our 5/16, 8.5mm,11/32 and 3/8 threaded shafts.

The excess Dyneema is typically tucked between the bands in order to hold tip on tight to adapter.

*Made from 17-4 heat treated steel

*CNC machined to exceptionally tight tolerances

*No "wiggle" to throw off accuracy

*Available in 6mm threads or 5/16-24 threads