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Spear Gods Custom Speargun


60" with 3 band slots

Spear Gods Custom is a leap forward in spearguns and it has all the best features that make a speargun deadly to fish and the perfect tool for you.

They are not overly bulky like some other guns on the market. They are very well balanced and almost neutral in the water with a single shaft. This makes them ideal for freediving or scuba diving!

This gun was born from the minds of commercial shooters with input from top gun builders. We then matched what we learned, and paired this knowledge with one of the best custom woodworkers in the region!

*Hand selected mahogany wood for maximum strength, water resistance and straightest grain.

*Stainless steel Handle with AR-15 grip  This allows you to change the grip to exactly what is the most comfortable or best looking for you. AR-15 grip come in virtually hundreds of different styles, colors, angles and materials. The stainless steel does not rust or corrode to the screws like anodized handles do and it's quite a bit stronger than plastic handles.

*Neptonics reef mech. The reef mech is the best we have found hands down.

*Band Guide/seperators along barrel put gun bands in better alignment and give you a cleaner sight picture when aiming.

*Unbelievably straight 3/4 length epoxy enclosed track. We use a proprietary process to build our guns cut our tracks that is unlike anybody else in the business. The gun has less flex and greater strength thanks to stress rods. These rods are also used in the creation of our track in order to give our gun the straightest track possible and the best shots possible.

*Finally, we have given our guns a carbon fiber wrap around the muzzle. Enclosed track guns are deadly accurate, however, they have one big weakness. That weakness is the muzzle. When you shoot a fish in a hole and/or you shoot a fish and the shaft does not leave the muzzle then a common thing that happens is the fish uses the shaft like a pry bar and "pries" apart the front of your gun!   Often times, the only remedy is turning your gun into a shorty gun by amputating the front of the gun and re-making the front section. Our carbon fiber wrap makes the front of the gun up to 10 times stronger to help prevent muzzle blow out. It also look really cool!

*Speargods custom comes standard with a single Spearcrafters brand shaft and 2x5/8 bands.

*The guns can be rigged with our quickslide ring to make them the ideal freeshaft to lineshaft speargun for scuba divers. The speed load system allows you to stow the ring when freeshafting and then quickly load the gun for lineshafting without the line dangling.

*An optional powerhead holder can also be installed and up to 2 spare shaft holders to make this gun (and you) the true apex predator.

*All Guns come with 2x5/8" bands and 2 band slots except 60" guns which come with 3 bands and 3 band slots

Guns come standard with built in spare shaft holder in butt. This butt can be switched to standard butt with no spare shaft holder for freediving.