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Spear Gun Bands


Primeline 5/8" (Snappy)
Kent 5/8" (Stretchy)
Imported 5/8" (Medium)
Primeline 9/16" (Snappy)
Kent 9/16" (Stretchy)
3mm Dyneema
1.8mm Dyneema
Stainless Cable
Large Ball
Flat Wire
Tied-in Dyneema (3mm)
Tied-in Dyneema (1.8mm)
Flat wire

Spear gun bands is a complex and sometimes even controversial subject to many people because speargun rubber varies so much and so often.

The truth is that rubber varies by company, batch to batch, how it has been stored, and where it is in the curing process (which can take up to 1 year from the time it was manufactured). The color makes no difference as far as performance as it is only a dye and dyes have no affect on performance. Adding dye to the band does add UV protection to the band however.

There are 2  big companies that supply most of the Speargun rubber in the World and a handful of small overseas companies.

Primeline Industries is known for their "High modulus" tubing which produces a more "punchy/high torque/snappy" shot. Single band shooters generally prefer this type.

Kent Elastomer typically makes a more "low modulus/progressive" tubing which is softer/stretchy. Multi band shooters typically prefer this type of tubing.

Imported rubber typically comes from South-East Asia (where most of the Rubber trees are) and can vary widely but usually pretty good.

*All rubber tubing is Black over Amber color

 **We will update this page as our rubber tubing changes and give the best description of what its properties are.


We currently have in stock:

A. 5/8" (16mm) rubber from Ocean Rhino (Primeline Industries/Snappy rubber)

B. 5/8" (16mm) rubber from Kent Elastomer(Stretchy)

C. 5/8" (16mm) Imported Large hole (Cross between the two above) Medium stretchy.

Our bands are tied to order (for freshness) and sold with 3mm Dyneema wishbone unless different option is selected.