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Spear Shaft Refurbishment



Spear shaft refurbishment/straightening/repair

Who doesn't have a pile of valuable old shafts sitting around collecting dust?

Now you can make them as good as new (or better) for less than half the cost of a new one!

Spear Gods is one of the only companies in the World to offer Spear Shaft Refurbishment from our manufacturing partner Spearcrafters manufacturing.

*Note* Shafts with more than about a 3" bend or multiple bends are usually not good candidates for refurbishment and will be rejected.

*Note* South African spring steel spears will only be straightened, sharpened, balanced and flopper checked or replaced as cleaning will remove the protective coating. We will apply a very thin paraffin coating once finished.  Spring steel shafts with heavy corrosion are not good candidates for refurbishment.


Stainless steel shafts will have the following:

1. Clean and remove flopper

2. Clean, wire wheel, and then inspect entire shaft for weak spots corrosion, or defects.

3.Straighten and balance spear to like new or better than new condition. If a spear can't be straightened to like new condition we will not do it.

4. Re-sharpen tip to rockpoint/pencil point. Threads will be cleaned, checked and repaired but we will not add additional threads to hardened shafts.

5. Clean flopper hole, countersink and polish flopper hole and then re-install original or new flopper if old one is damaged. We will also countersink and polish shooting line holes if not already done by manufacturer.

6. Final inspection and apply thin protective parrafin coating

DIRECTIONS: Simply mail your shafts to speargods and we will take it from there. Thin walled pvc pipe with 2 end caps taped or screws on end makes the best shipping container.

There is no charge to evaluate them. Once they have been rebuilt we will bill you by paypal.

Mail to:

Spear Gods Inc

4083 7th Ter South

St. Petersburg, Fl. 33711

Cost is $24.95 plus return shipping.

Billed after service is performed