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SPECIAL PRICE C4 Gladius 105 Speargun

Do you want the lightest, most easy to maneuver speargun ever made?
You want to save a hundred bucks?

This Carbon Fiber Gladius 105 by C4 is your gun! Killer camo color makes this gun even stealthier.

A fast, hydrodynamic  gun featuring a rigid carbon fiber barrel for very sharp and stable shooting, the GLADIUS is versatile and can be used for multiple different types of hunting.

GLADIUS is a monocoque speargun entirely manufactured in 100% high modulus carbon fiber.

It has a shape of a cuttlefish bone with a reduced head and a higher volume towards the hand. This shape makes it well balanced and easy to handle in the water. It has an integrated shaft guide over the whole barrel.

The reverse triggering mechanism is C4 “Auto-R” with an integrated line releaser that can be positioned on the left or on the right side. The mechanism and the trigger are entirely manufactured in stainless steel AISI316.

GLADIUS is sold with two anatomical and adjustable handles. The head, which is integrated in the barrel, is made entirely in carbon fiber and can feature single or double latex bands with a diameter up to 18mm. On the head there are two hook shaped stainless steel line holders on the sides and one line holder screwed to the bottom of the barrel.

The handle butt is covered in soft plastic material to have more stability during the charge. GLADIUS can mount C4 HERCULES reels.

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