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Used Orca Thula 110 Speargun

"Used" as in 'used to kill big fish'!
This 110 cm gun has a large line clip on the handle to quickly clip off the gun to a reel line or float line. Includes 2 bands. Rigged with mono line.
Condition: Very Good
Reference # EG105

About the gun:
ORCA uses aerospace grade aluminum for their extrusions. Yes, it is more expensive but when they say their barrels have better strength and stiffness, can handle strong rubbers and can be used in longer lengths with the least amount of flex, they know we have the best material backing this claim.

The anodized aluminum barrel is then sleeved with a unique PVC sleeve having a spear guide along the full length of the barrel. This has been designed with features to ensure ultra quietness as the spear leaves the gun and to then keep it’s trajectory in as straight a flight path as possible.

As any engineer will confirm, tube extrusions, whatever the material, create very slight twist as they are extruded (by virtue of the process). To combat this ORCA assemble their guns on a specially designed jig. This enables them to eliminate even the smallest deviation from perfect straightness of the spear guide. With this level of accuracy in lining up handle-barrel-muzzle, is it any wonder novices find it easier to hit a moving target under water with an Orca ‘Thula’ gun than with any other gun tested!! Awesome top quality speargun from South Africa made from top quality materials including Aerospace' grade 6082T6 Aluminum tube with 1.6mm wall.

  • High grade PVC sleeve over aluminum tube with full-length deep track
  • 7mm 2000MPa Orca Spear
  • double-rubber muzzle
  • 16mm LatexUSA rubbers
  • stainless steel line-release
  • 200kg breaking-strain mono line
  • Orca spear shock-absorber
  • comfy-grip handle with strengthened springs
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