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.223/5.56 Personal Protection Device (Powerhead)

.223/5.56 Personal Protection Device (Powerhead)

You have a big problem? We have a big solution! The compact version of our wildly popular Personal Protection Device sometimes referred to as a "Powerhead"!

These devices have been highly engineered to exact specifications and are widely regarded as the most reliable powerhead in the industry by top spearfishing experts.

They are available for use on various shaft sizes:
5/16" (8mm), 7.5mm, 9/32" (7.1mm) and 7.0mm
The 7.0mm fits Rob Allen, Spearmaster and some Euro shafts.

These .223 devices are 1/3 smaller than our larger version and should give you a bit more range due to the smaller size and softer primers usually found on brass ammunition. 

This is virtually the same Powerhead famed You Tuber and professional spearfisherman Dan McMahon uses; except we made them even better and far more reliable!

The Body of the PPD has a 120 degree sharply tapered end for reliability on angled shots! This is very important, as other PPDs just glance off when the angle of contact is not perpendicular.

Our proprietary inserts are stronger than most and made to fit on most types of points including rock point shafts, Tri-cut and/or threaded-point shafts, so long as the diameter of the shaft matches that of the insert.

Venting ports are added to the insert for added reliability. (No hydraulic lock)
We even tethered the body to the insert to help prevent loss!

The vast majority of .223/5.56 ammo is not sealed so you need to buy your ammo from us or seal it yourself. We recommend wiping the round with a dry paper towel and then applying 1 coat of acrylic nail polish on the back or the round and 1 cost where the bullet meets the casing. do not over apply or rounds may get stuck or fail to detonate. (SEE VIDEO)

*Uses .223 or 5.56  (Make sure to seal it!)
*Engineered for reliability
*Anodized for corrosion protection
*Rigid insert for reliability on angled shots
*Venting ports to prevent hydraulic lock
*1/3 smaller for greater range
*Available in Red, Silver or Gold

***Personal Protection devices are extremely dangerous. Serious injury or even death may occur if you are careless or untrained in their use.

***Never point the device at anything you don't intend to kill and never load the device on your shaft while pointing at your face. Never place device on your shaft with hand or fingers in front of barrel!

***Never use one out of the water!! Serious injury or death may occur!

*** Do not use if you are not trained to use such a device.

*** Only use Factory ammunition in this device.

***NEVER attempt to get a stuck live round out of device!!! Serious injury or death may occur. Replace device or send to Spear Gods for removal.

***Spear Gods and/or its affiliates and suppliers are NOT responsible for any personal or equipment damage/death or injury caused by improper operation or failure to follow instructions.


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