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7.0mm Notched Euro Flopper-Spring Steel

These 7.0 mm spring steel, Notched, Euro Mech Speargun Shafts come with 2 loading notches and are designed to accept spectra or cable style wishbones. These Spring Steel Shafts are made in South Africa and are one of the toughest shafts out there. 

Each Spring Steel Shaft is heat treated to improve overall strength, resist bending, and minimize shaft whip. They are designed to fit the more popular Euro mechanism spearguns (Red Tide, Riffe, Omer, Picasso, Hatch, JBL, Abellan, Pathos, Mako, Hammerhead, Mythicon, BlueTec,Teaksea, Trygons, Alemanni, Devoto, Hunt, Cressi, as well as triggers made by Ermes Sub, Neptonics and Speardiver.) 

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