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“EVOLUTION” Spear shaft for the AB Biller , Ocean Rhino, Sea Hornet, Spearfishing Specialties spear guns



Do you shoot an Ocean Rhino, Biller or Sea Hornet speargun?

If so, then you absolutely need to have the revolutionary new shaft called the “Evolution” The Evolution is being called a “total game changer” by many industry leaders.

We are currently the only distributor in the USA of this unique spearshaft made by Spearcrafters manufacturing which is the premier spear shaft maker in the U.S..

The Evolution shaft is designed to be used as a freeshaft but can be converted to a line shaft instantly with no increase in size over a traditional 5/16" spearshaft.

The Evolution uses a special ring that is slid over the shaft to instantly convert it to a line shaft.

There is no part of the shaft that is larger than a normal 5/16" spearshaft with a standard 5/16" flopper. 

The shaft can still be rear loaded since there is no additional hardware on the shaft!

The Shaft is paired with the "Evolution slide ring” that must be mounted to the gun along with a sufficient length of mono.

See video in our blog page for details of how this revolutionary new shaft works and be amazed!

Shaft tips are threaded point

 *Freeshaft to lineshaft instantly!

* No increase in Hydrodynamic resistance

* Shaft pairs with our exclusive "Evolution slide ring

* No increase in hydrodynamic resistance over a normal 5/16 shaft

* Can be rear-loaded since there is No additional hardware on shaft 

* Shaft tips are threaded point

* Ring not included



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