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AB Biller Wood Speargun Handle Replacement

AB Biller Wood Speargun Handle Replacement

Complete replacement Speargun Handle with Trigger Mechanism for AB Biller wood guns.

This factory replacement handle can be used as a spare to carry in your gear bag during long trips, where access to a shop is limited, or to replace a damaged or heavily used handle. Make your gun perform like new! Featuring a stainless steel heavy duty trigger mechanism enclosed in a reinforced nylon housing, this handle will endure many more years of use. Does not include screws to reattach handle to original wooden stocks.

Get the AB Biller Butt, Muzzle, Trigger Mechanism, and Drop Line Assembly from Spear Gods.

Important: Put plastic parts (muzzle, grip, butt) in hot water for approximately 10 minutes before assembling to avoid damage to the plastic.

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