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AB Biller Mahogany Speargun

AB Biller Mahogany Speargun

Ranging from 24" inches to 60 inches (barrel length), The AB Biller Mahogany Special is a perfect starter speargun gun or upgrade. The Biller speargun is meant to get beat up and last a lifetime!

#The Spear Gods Difference! At no additional charge, Spear Gods improves the factory gun by adding a stainless-steel split ring to the muzzle as well as a top quality snap swivel. Why? From experience, we know that fish often swim through crevices, holes and wrecks after they have been shot in order to get away! If you have no way to unsnap the line and pull it through you are left with no choice but to cut the line. With a snap swivel you just unhook the line and pass it thorough. 

Spear Gods also seals every screw hole with our proprietary wood seal formula so that your gun will never rot! We also coat the internal mechanism with high quality steel lubricant in order to protect the steel and provide smooth operation.

Lengths available (measured butt to muzzle) in inches: 24, 32, 36, 42, 48, 54 and 60.

Special Features Include:

  • Built in the USA
  • Stainless steel trigger mechanism
  • Grooved Mahogany barrel
  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Easy underwater maneuverability
  • Neutral buoyancy
  • 5/16in stainless steel steel shaft
  • Two 9/16in slings (bands) with stainless steel swiveling wishbone
  • Double barb swivel
  • Redesigned and patented safety
  • Silent lock and unlock mechanism
  • Adapts for right or left hand operation
  • Improved and patented trigger mechanism
  • Muzzle, grip, and butt are rugged plastic
  • #The Spear Gods Difference! See above description
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