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Charlie Spears Custom Spearguns


40" eco model open track sparkled wood double band
40" eco model closed track blue mahi pattern double band
40" eco model closed track wahoo pattern double band
36" parallel roller open track blue/green marlin pattern single band
36" parallel roller open track broken wahoo/wood pattern single orange band
40" parallel roller open track wahoo pattern single band
42" dual action parallel roller open track with slip tip black splatter paint

Charlie Spears Custom Spearguns produces the most extravagantly designed, reasonably priced, outstanding quality guns in the country.  These customs are chest loading guns, primarily used for freediving but can also very effective as a close range rock gun while scuba diving. All guns use a neptonics reverse mechanism, allowing an extra inch and a half of band stretch compared to it's competition. The side line release lets you add a powerhead holder or reel without the gun feeling bulky. The butt end of the gun is covered by a wide pad, which helps prevent loading rash. With his newest release, the dual action roller, there is close to three complete wraps of the band around the gun, giving the single band a total of 70" of stretch!