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Cressi Gara Turbo Foot Pockets

Cressi Gara Turbo Foot Pockets

Foot Pockets ONLY. Blades sold separately.

The Gara Modular Turbo Foot Pocket (one pair) is available separately for the user to install any standard aftermarket angled or straight blade assemblies. 

The Turbo version features a innovative foot pocket with shorter side rails for an increase in performance and it's compatible with any Gara Impulse Turbo and Gara Sprint Turbo blades. The interchangeable system allows the diver to replace the blade for specific diving situations which makes this fin perfect to grow with as the diver's skill level increases. 

Any of Cressi's thermoplastic or carbon fiber blades can be interchanged in minutes without any modifications. The foot pocket is constructed with the most modern multi compound joining process to deliver a foot pocket that can offer comfort and suppleness around the foot where desired and yet have stiffer compounds under the foot pocket and heel area where power transfer takes place, and the self-adjusting foot pocket expands to be comfortable with or without socks.

Screws and tabs not included, kit sold apart. The Gara Foot Pocket is wider than the other Gara fin models.

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