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Dive Ray Tow Sled

Dive Ray Tow Sled

The Dive Ray is built with premium 1/2" marine grade high-density polyethylene (Starboard Brand) by Mangrove Marine. It's a premium diving accessory that features 3 hand holds for different styles of sledding. 

Anyone who has ever purchased a Mangrove Marine product knows about our meticulous quality, built into all products we manufacture and the Mangrove Marine line of dive sleds.

Our Dive Ray features

  • A durable high-density polyethylene body
  • 3 comfortable hand holds 
  • A high-visibility polypropylene yellow pigtail

If you're a fan of free diving or just having fun, this Dive Ray is a must have!

Manufactured in the heart of the fishing capital of the world - Tampa Bay Florida - only by Mangrove Marine!

These make fantastic accessories for Florida Lobster season.  Navigate up to the surface and back down to view of the sea floor, no matter what your focus might be. 

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