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Dyneema/Spectra Fid Kit (For Splicing/Loops)

Dyneema/Spectra Fid Kit (For Splicing/Loops)

We have put together 3 tools in one "kit" for you to make loops in your dyneema/spectra spearfishing line or slip tips. Many people use loops rather than knots for a cleaner look and stronger connections (when done properly).

Using dyneema/spectra instead of mono is also used around structure or large reefs where mono can be cut easily.

We recommend splicing a Brummel lock splice or long bury splice into your dyneema/spectra for maximum holding power.

Dyneema/Spectra Fid needles- These hard to find tool are constructed of stainless steel with a threaded hole in one end (stainless steel slides through dyneema much easier than aluminum).  You cut the dyneema/spectra at an angle and then twist tightly into the hole in the needle.     our kit comes with 1 micro fid tool and 1 mini fid tool

Dyneema/Spectra Fid tool- This tool is constructed with a thin stainless steel wire.You put the Dyneema/spectra in between the wires in the middle and slide it towards the end where it get nice and tight.

*3-piece tool kit  (Splicing tools for dyneema rope)

*All tools constructed of stainless steel to slide through line easier.

*Make your own loops and splices

*Cleaner look and stronger than knots (when done properly)

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