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Evolution conversion kit for Ocean Rhino spearguns

Evolution conversion kit for Ocean Rhino spearguns

The fastest, and most efficient free shaft to line shaft conversion system on the market: The Evolution system. We pre-make the entire rig kit now to fit your RX-2 (42"), RX-3 (48"), RX-4 (54"), and RX-5 (60"). Evolution shaft, ring anchor clip and line stowage pin not included

The kit includes: quick load bungee with zip tie, upgraded heavy duty snap swivel, evolution ring, and the perfect amount of mono for the gun you own. 

These kits will NOT match Biller or Seahornet spearguns without modification. Call for details. (727-329-6470)

Kit does not come with a black ring anchor clip, which is needed on Biller/Seahornet guns. Most Ocean Rhino guns already have the anchor clip to which you attach the Evolution ring.

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