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Fin Shaft Ring to convert freeshaft to lineshaft


Fin Shaft Ring
Fin Shaft Smooth Ring
Hardened KOAH Ring
Slide Ring

This "Fin shaft ring" is used on shafts with sharkfins in order to convert a free shaft (untethered to gun) into a lineshaft (tethered to gun) almost instantly.

The ring is stored on the end of a wrap or 2 of mono until it is needed and then slid over the end of the shaft and flopper. After the shaft is fired from the speargun the ring slides down the shaft where it catches on the sharkfins.

This fin shaft ring is a vast improvement over any other type ring on the market as the hole is designed to fit over any size flopper end still catch an any sharkfin. It also has a unique dimpled shape for better handling with gloves and to flow through the water easier.

the finshaft ring is made from high quality stainless steel, and the holes are countersunk and polished so they will not get stuck on shark fins or damage mon

Our spearfishing fin shaft rings are easily the best you will find anywhere.