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Stringer for Freedive, Tournament, Scuba

This is one of the simplest, most versatile items you should own!

Simply Push the 9/32" (7mm) diameter x 36" long, 17-4 Stainless steel stringer through the eyes or the gills of the fish and clip the other end to the boat, float or belt. To remove, simply  unhook the quick release tuna clip and slide the fish off the end.

*See our blog for a tutorial

FREEDIVING- Clip this stringer on your float, on to the boat or around your waist.

TOURNAMENT- Always know who's fish is who's by putting each persons fish on a different color stringer

SCUBA- Ever left your stringer on the boat or lost it while diving? If you haven't you eventually will!    If you have one of these handy little stringers in your BC pocket you can keep stringing fish!

Available in:

6" Straight in Black, Blue or Red Mono (Best choice to fit in a BCD pocket)

8" Straight in Black, Blue or Red Mono

9" Curved in Black, Blue or Red Mono (Curved handle provides added leverage)


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