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Inflatable Float and Flag

Inflatable Float and Flag

  • Inflatable surface buoy alerts those above the water to your location below
  • Wide, stable base and conical shape help keep the buoy in place
  • Bottom ring for attaching quick release weights in choppy or high-wind conditions
  • Includes 12x15” traditional U.S. diver down flag, bottom valve prevents overinflation
  • Inflated buoy dimensions: 14” tall x 13” in diameter; flag dimensions: 12x14”

The Flag-N-Float Diver Below Inflatable Buoy with Flag is an essential piece of diver safety equipment.  In many areas divers are required to alert those on the surface to their location below, but even when doing so is optional it’s the safest way to dive. 


Constructed of sturdy PVC, the wide base and conical shape help keep the buoy in place in breezy conditions at the surface.  In choppy or high-wind conditions, use the integrated bottom ring to attach a quick release weight. 


The included 12" x 15" PVC diver down flag inserts at the top of the buoy, further enhancing topside visibility. 


Inflates to its full dimensions of 13” in diameter and 14” tall in seconds, and included bottom valve prevents bursting from overinflation.


When deflated, the buoy is small enough to easily stow in your gear bag or store on the boat. 


Tilt the odds of a safe dive in your favor: keep your dive surface clear with a personal Diver Below buoy.

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