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Koah Battle Axe Speargun

Koah Battle Axe Speargun

The "ultimate freeshafting speargun" from Koah is a thing of beauty and functionality!

The Battle Axe was born from the ability to have a freeshaft speargun with the ability to switch to lineshaft instantly without having to re-line the gun or have the mono hanging on to catch anything below it. The combination of a specialized line release, a bungee with 600 pound spectra and the blueprint from its predecessor, has made the "click-n-fire" possible. The line actually stays tight to the gun when you switch to the line system, yet also stays tight while freshafting.

Lenghts: 48, 52, 55, 58 (inches, measured muzzle to butt.

The speargun is built with a 3/4 long epoxy/graphite enclosed track to keep the guess work out of getting the shaft into the track while still maintaining the accuracy of an enclosed track.

The gun features a wide rubber loading butt with integrated shaft holders to make hip loading as easy as possible with the 2 standard 5/8" bands.

A go-pro camera mount is added to the muzzle of every battle-axe to add a GoPro camera or optional Koah Q40 light/holder combo.

The Battle Axe comes standard with 2 spear shafts.

* Rear ballasted to counter additional muzzle weight

* Includes2 5/8" bands and 2 Stainless Steel sharkfin shafts

* Fully rigged with the Koah bungee and Koah slide ring

* Built in dual spare shaft holder in Butt of speargun


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