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KOAH Shortie Mid Handle Speargun

KOAH Shortie Mid Handle Speargun

The KOAH Shortie Mid-handle Speargun.

This 38" Solid stock mahogany enclosed track gun was specifically built for Low-visibly and tight quarters conditions. This gun is built for heavy abuse, with a stock 5/16 shaft and glass filled epoxy enclosed track to conquer sharp pivoting and hole shooting scenarios.

The handle is literally in the middle of the speargun, making this a true mid handle fish killing machine. With a wide KOAH gun butt for easy loading, the two 5/8 power bands give you all the power you need. This is one deadly rock and ledge speargun. 

Standard Equipment
- Solid Stock mahogany
- Glass filled epoxy enclosed track
- Double wrap #300 mono
- Trademark 3 step Koah Oil finish
- 5/16 diameter 17-4 shaft

* All Shortie Models Come with a Satin Multicoat Oil Finish* 

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