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Koah Spare Shaft Holder( Front/Rear)

Koah Spare Shaft Holder( Front/Rear)

Koah Spearguns Spare Spear Shaft Holder 

The Koah spare shaft holder mount set allows you to add a spare shaft to any wood speargun with the included screws. Includes both front and rear pieces, along with mounting screws. Designed to hold 5/16”(8mm) and 9/32”(7mm) spear shafts. 

Built for shark finned spearshafts and made from strong commercial grade starboard that never dries, cracks, or fades. There is a replaceable high durometer rubber insert that slides into the back of the holder to ensure the spear stays tight in the holder.
The front clip keep the shaft tight to the speargun.

The rear holder has slot on the top for the loading fin (keeps shaft from spinning).  

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