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Lionfish ZooKeeper


28"" >13"-->28"

This new model from ZooKeeper uses clear spine proof plexiglass as opposed to the old white plastic so you can now see inside. Offered in a variety of sizes, from tournament size, to the occasional run-in size, the the 7" in diameter tube contains a back end that drains water but does not allow spines to poke through. This can be easily removed though for easy access to your catch at the end of the day when removing lionfish from the container. There are molded in rings on each end with an attached lanyard or for clipping to your BCD. 

The 28" keeper can hold a maximum of 20 pounds of fish. 

The 24" keeper can hold a maximum of 16 pounds of fish.

The 20" keeper can hold a maximum of 14 pounds of fish. 

The 13" keeper extends to an optional 28" total length using a spine-proof material that can hold a maximum of 20 pounds of fish.