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Muzzle Spike (bayonet) Kill Spike, Flashlight holder


3/4" Angle bracket (Most Common)
1" Angle bracket

The Muzzle kill spike can be added to virtually and wood speargun and some other types of guns depending upon shape/style.

It allows you to defend yourself when the shaft is out of the gun. It can also be used to pin a fish down or it can be used with the Spear Gods flashlight holder accessory to add a flashlight to the front of your speargun.

The 11" stainless steel muzzle spike kit comes with 4 stainless screws to attach spike to the front of your speargun.

Spike comes in 2 sizes of mounting bracket. The most common is the 3/4" design but we also carry the far less common 1" design. The 1" can be used if barrel has drastic or unusual curves.

*Spear Gods is NOT responsible for improper installation or damage caused from improper installation or use!!

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