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Red Tide Flasher Chain


3 blade chain
4 blade chain
5 blade chain

The Red Tide flasher chain is not your ordinary chain, it incorporates the best and most effective materials we could think of, resulting in unparalleled quality. Outcompeting all other flashers side by side 10-0, our secret is versatile blades, fluorocarbon mainline, and holographic coating. Made in 3 bladed, 4 bladed and 5 bladed, each chain has an 8 oz large plastic squid at the bottom. Flasher chains not only attract pelagics like kingfish, wahoo, and amberjacks, it will also capture the attention of grouper and snapper, if the chain is dropped down closer to the bottom, enticing them to come out of their holes to take a closer look, the last look of their lives!


Most flasher chains have blades that will go up and down or side to side. OUR flashers have widened holes, allowing them to slide up and down, spin sideways, and tilt left to right, providing optimal light diffraction into every inch of the water around it. The bottoms of the flashers have a holographic coating, shooting rays of light into hundreds of directions from just a single blade! 


But the main advantage the Red Tide flasher has over other flashers is the fluorocarbon mainline. Monofilament or wire is the cheaper alternative that most people use, but they both show up underwater clear as day, and nearly every fish who sees this unnatural material in their habitat will not approach it. As mono and fluoro look exactly the same out of the water, underwater, mono will look like a white piece of rope as it reflects light, while fluoro allows light to pass through it because it has the same refractive index of water.