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RedTide Spearfishing Float Line

RedTide Spearfishing Float Line

Redtide float line has been designed through real world testing on some of the biggest, toughest fish in the World and proven itself to be one of the best floatlines available.  

Floatlines are used between your gun and your float. Once you spear a fish the fish fights the floatline and the float and you pull it up to the surface.

A floatline also helps you mark the spot where the fish is.

They come standard with a heavy duty swivel on one end and a strong tuna clip on the other end.


* UV- stable semi transparent out shell and super strong Spectra parachute cord inside.

* 150 percent stretch

* Bright Red color which is easily seen at the surface.

* Slides through the water with almost zero drag

* Available in 10 meter length, 20 meter length and 30 meters length

Note* These Floatlines will not work with our Floatline clutch system

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