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Riffe Marauder 63 - Slip Tip Rig

Riffe Marauder 63 - Slip Tip Rig

Meet The Marauder, a sleek, streamlined silhouette formed from a 5 laminate mahogany wood stock. Produced at our manufacturing facility in San Clemente, CA with leading technology, an ultra precise design is born.

The closed band slot design, a new feature which requires Tie In Power Bands, combined with our new Euro Style M-Tab Spear Shaft delivers extra band stretch for maximum power. Unique new rifle style Push Button Safety ensures a smooth, quick release when target is in sight.

Whether hunting snapper along reef or wahoo and tuna in the open water, The Marauder has got you covered.

Marauder 63S - A Bluewater speargun capable of longer shots for pelagic fish.

Shooting Range

47 19.75’ (6m)

55 23.75’ (7.24m)

63 27.25’ (8.31m)

63S 27.25’ (8.31m)

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