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Rob Allen "Tuna" Series Speargun

Rob Allen "Tuna" Series Speargun

Rob Allen "Tuna" series spearguns are made for those serious about their hunting.

It features a 1.45mm aviation grade aluminum barrel with built in rail for superb accuracy. The integral rail is part of the barrel which increases overall stiffness of the barrel and reduces flex and torsion twist.

It features a low profile muzzle which allows you to shoot notched shafts OR sharkfin style shafts (optional closed muzzle shoots notched shafts only) and it has less drag than conventional muzzles.

Adding a loading butt makes it more comfortable to band the gun.

* Comes with tri-cut, 7mm Spring steel notched spear shaft

* 2x16mm Rob Allen Bands

* Built in tuna clip on Handle to hook stringer or floatline.

* Comes rigged and ready to take on anything that swims!

*Available in lengths 70cm- 140cm



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