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Roll Control Adjustable Tank Holders (2)

Roll Control Adjustable Tank Holders (2)

The Roll Control Adjustable Tank Holders (or Brackets) work in unison with the Roll Control Aluminum Track product.

When you mount the Aluminum Track or Plastic Track (sold separately) on any flat surface, you can adjust our Roll Control Adjustable Tank Holders to fit almost any diameter scuba tank.   Slide up to 5 adjustable holders (or brackets) in the 48" track and you're ready to start loading tanks. 

Common areas to mount on a vessel: inside gunwale, inside transoms, sides of consoles, etc. 

Great for your truck beds, to mount for transporting tanks to the scuba shop for a fill.

Tanks are safe and secure after properly adjusting the Roll Control Adjustable Tank Holder's width. 


  • Keeps your tanks secure while traveling. 
  • Easy to use and set up. 
  • Strong and durable materials. 
  • Available in white. 
  • Typically bought in pairs.

Perfect to hold spare tanks as well as your "rigged and ready" tank system.

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