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Salvimar NAT Open Cell Wetsuit (3.5mm and 5.5mm)

      As Salvimar's most affordable wetsuit, it's a no brainer for anyone who wants a thinner, more insulated, insanely comfortable suit. The camouflaged is fairly dull, allowing you to better blend into the murky waters of the bay in addition to clearer offshore waters. Because of its open cell technology, the term 'dry suit' would work better than 'wetsuit' due to its snug fitting, HT-Weld Technology which ensures the seams stay tight, not allowing any water to enter. 
       In addition, the exterior material is made of high-quality HyperStretch™ Neoprene, causing the 3.5 mm open cell suit to have the same warming ability as a 5 mm closed cell and the 5.5 mm open cell suit to act as a 7 mm closed cell suit. The thinner material allows for more comfortable, fluid motions with no tension in your armpits and knees like many thicker or closed cell wetsuits do. 
      It consists of two pieces, with high wasted pants to ensure water cannot make its way into your suit through your waste. There is a single, adjustable button to better fit any torso size, larger or smaller than the suit was initially made for. There is a thick, grippy loading pad on the chest, and durable pads on the elbows and knees of the suit to provide better protection against rocks and other structure. 
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