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Salvimar Speeder Fins


- Pure freediving or spearfishing fin consisting of a foot pocket with incorporated insole and removable blade.
- Ergonomic rubber foot pocket with differentiated thickness for excellent comfort
- Rigid polypropylene insole incorporated during moulding.
- Polypropylene side clips cast on the side rail
- The blade is moulded in polypropylene with differentiated thickness: while the heel has a thickness of 3.5 mm, the tip has a thickness of 1.8 mm, side stringers below footbed
- The Speeder Fin is the result of a careful research into the dynamics of movement. During the development phase as well as having paid particular attention to the characteristics of the two components that make up the fin, foot pocket and blade, we have implemented the interaction between them by improving the coupling system, effectively improving the overall functionality of the product.
- The foot pocket is the element that unites the spearfisher to the blade and it is through it that all the power is discharged onto the blade and transformed into movement. For maximum efficiency of the Speeder fin, we have moved the side stringers beneath the sole of the foot: this made it possible to greatly improve the comfort and simultaneously increase the thrust with the same effort. The side stringers are also equipped with internally cast side clips which ensure excellent mechanical adhesion on the blade while avoiding steps and hydrodynamic turbulence.
- We have also given the foot pocket a special shape with varying thicknesses in order to obtain a considerable mechanical strength of the material combined with lightness and rigidity: we have in fact combined a soft upper with a rigid insole incorporated during moulding which guarantees an excellent transfer of power from the diver to the blade.
- The blade is moulded in polypropylene: to ensure the best propulsive thrust and excellent elastic return while minimising the kicking effort, the blade has been made with differentiated thickness: while the heel has a thickness of 3.5 mm, the tip has a thickness of 1.8 mm

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