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Spear Gods Custom Spear gun

Spear Gods exclusive, professional grade speargun is the most versatile and accurate spear gun on the market!

Whether your hunting the reef or looking to crush some monster pelagics this gun is the right tool to get it done!

Our enclosed track semi-customizable spear gun is made from oil finished, hand selected, kiln dried, solid teak blanks to give you maximum straightness and durability!

The gun features a hip load design for easier loading as well as a Neptonics reverse mechanism for maximum band stretch and power!

It has a red color, glass infused epoxy track for beauty and durability.

The handle base is black colored, oven baked, stainless steel for maximum durability.

The handle base comes standard with A2 style grip but the handle base accepts any AR-15 style grip so that you can change color, size, ergo or sweep angle to your specific liking.

2 premium 5/8" x 380% stretch bands and 1 top of the line Spearcrafters shaft come standard.

The gun is balanced front to rear which helps makes it a comfortable and very accurate freediving gun as well as a deadly scuba gun.

 The Freedive version features a wide, comfortable butt and it's rigged with a double wrap of red 300# premium monofilament.

The Scuba version features our Spear Gods exclusive butt with built in spare shaft holders that hold shafts nice and tight for years to come. It also includes dual front spare shaft holders

Scuba version also includes our exclusive "quick load" system that allows you to go from freeshaft to line shaft in seconds easier than any other speargun. Our system is designed in such a way that allows you to potentially mount a reel or powerhead holder in front of the handle.


*Solid One piece, hip load style, enclosed track, Teak Blank

*Neptonics Reverse Mechanism for maximum power (American Style Shafts)

*  2 x 5/8" Premium 380% stretch bands and top of the line Spearcrafters shaft

*  Wide Comfortable butt for easy loading

*  Stainless Steel AR style handle base

* Spare shaft holders come standard on scuba version as well as Spear Gods quick load system to allow you to switch from free shaft to lineshaft instantly!


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