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Spearmaster Diamond Flashers

Spearmaster Diamond Flashers


  • Three propellers metal, covered with holographic sticker.
  • Two green fluorescent plastic propellers.
  • To avoid distorting several twists.
  • Beads of various colors along the Flasher.
  • Squid decoy with in lead core.

The three propellers with holographic colors in rotation produce light and movement that will attract pelagic fish to close the diver.

Flash works by rotation. By manual action or induced by wave motion. Each vertical movement (up or down) produce rotation of the  propellers and  light dispersion. 

The dispersion of light in all directions is motivated by the propellers shape. The light is sent either to the surface, or to deeper layers, allowing attract pelagics from several bathymetrics.

Mixing shades of silver, red and yellow in rotation, reflect the sunlight and imitate the glow produced by schools of small fish. 

Squid decoy
The squid acts as a vertical stabilizer as well acting as decoys for larger dimensions pelagics.

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