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Stainless Steel Wishbones (Various)

Stainless Steel Wishbones (Various)

 Metal wishbones are ideal for many notched spearshafts because they are very long lasting, durable, and they don't get cut easily.

Metal wishbone work great for fin shafts also.

When your bands wear out you can install these wishbones in your new bands for added savings.

GOOD- Standard large ball solid wire wishbones are the most common type sold in dive shops around the USA. They last a long time but can snap in the middle after time.

BETTER- Stainless steel cable wishbones will last even longer than standard wire wishbones but are known for strands breaking that create sharp ends that poke you in the finger.

BEST- These are the best, most long lasting wishbones we have ever seen. They are the latest wishbones from Spearfishing Specialties and they are virtually indestructible!






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