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Spearfishing Stringers

Ocean Rhino (22")

This is the perfect fish stringer. It is heavy duty and a great design!

Allows you to open it with one hand while keeping other hand on the fish. Once fish is strung up you close with two hands. Long point allows you to "stab" fish through the eye to get it part way on the stringer before you open it.

More commercial spearfisherman use this string than any other design.

Parker Paraflex Series (19")

Grippy handle allows user to easily hold the stringer without being on the same piece of metal with a toothy fish.

Separated handle allows a clip to sit more comfortably when attached to a vest or waste.

Thick Two Handed Stringer (22")

Tight resting position allows for easy opening with two hands while being tight enough that not even the strongest of fish can shake it open. 

Seven inch spike allows for very thick headed fish to be easily penetrated. 

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