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Tuna Bungee Floatline

Tuna Bungee Floatline

This Bungee Floatline is a Floatline and Bungee in One! Features a 1600lb continuous Spectra core running throughout the UV protected tubing, and a 7-foot bungee that stretches to an amazing 300%.  You get 21 feet of stretch with the integrated Bungee! The integrated bungee is critical in landing large pelagic or reef fish species.

This Bungee Floatline allows the fish to put gradual pressure on the float and prevent the spear shaft from pulling out of the fish. With all the features of our Blue Water Pro Floatline with our Integrated Bungee rubber being the absolute best synthetic, non-decaying rubber available, this is the perfect setup for those bigger fish.

This Floatline has:

  • Floatline and Bungee combo is the perfect all around blue water floatline
  • Features a 1,600lb continuous Spectra core running throughout the floatline
  • Spliced to floatline plugs, which is stronger than knots
  • 7-foot bungee that stretches to an amazing 300%
  • 21 feet of stretch with this integrated bungee
  • Perfect setup for those bigger fish

Choosing the color of your  bungee floatline...

BLEND IN FLOATLINES If you're looking for stealth under water, choose a floatline in red or blue. Red is a great color for cleaner water because it is very visible on top to other boats and red is the first color to disappear (turn grey) under water. This makes red the best option for visibility above the water and reduced visibility underwater.

This Bungee Floatline is the preferred floatline for everything short of 200+ lbs tuna or marlin. It is the ultimate tool for landing bluewater fish.

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