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Wishbone insertion tools (Various)


Pushrod style
Traditional style
Professional style

Tying your own bands is one of the simplest ways to save money and get exactly what you want by having the exact style wishbone, and band length you want.

You only have to buy these tools one time and they will typically last forever.

(GOOD) Pushrod style is simple and least expensive. It works fine but a little tough to get leverage. Edges are usually a little on the sharp side.

(BETTER) Traditional handle style Is a better choice but sometimes a little more difficult to insert in band material due to its large end.  The large end does help with big knots or balled ends. Edges are usually on the sharp side. It works with all wishbones but tough to get into the smaller inside diameter (ID) bands that are becoming more popular.

(BEST) Professional wishbone insertion tool is generally the best. It has a large enough groove to  accommodate wishbones material up to 3mm diameter. Smooth edges and tapered/ polished end to prevent damage to wishbone or bands.  Smaller outside diameter to make it much easier to insert into small Inside Diameter (ID) Band material.