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7.62x54 Personal Protection Device (Powerhead)

7.62x54 Personal Protection Device (Powerhead)

You have a big problem? We have a big solution! The Spear Gods Reusable Personal Protection Device (PPD) is sometimes referred to as a Powerhead. Anodized and available in Red or Gold. This uses a 7.62 x 54r round. Click here for our PPD that uses a .223/5.56 cartridge.

Get factory sealed 7.62x54r rounds here.

This is virtually the same Powerhead famed You Tuber and professional spearfisherman Dan McMahon uses, except we made them even better and far more reliable!

The 7.62x54 PPD was born from the commercial spearfishing industry and we vastly improved it to make it way more reliable than any other device of this type.

They are available for use on various shaft sizes:
5/16" (8mm), 7.5mm, 9/32" (7.1mm) and 7.0mm
The 7.0mm fits Rob Allen, Spearmaster and some Euro shafts.

The Body of the PPD has a 120 degree sharply tapered end for reliability on angled shots! This is very important, as other PPDs just glance off when the angle of contact is not perpendicular.

The PPD body has a tapered chamber for much easier round extraction.
Our Delrin insert is made to fit on most types of points including rock point shafts and/or threaded point shafts.
Venting ports are added to the insert for added reliability. (No hydraulic lock)
We even tethered the body to the insert to help prevent loss.

The Best Just Got Better!  Our newly improved PPD's are now clear coat Anodized making them extremely corrosion resistant! You still need to remove the steel bullet and rinse the device after every trip but the aluminum will no longer oxidize.

Available with 9/32" or 5/16" diameters inserts. (No other sizes currently available)

***Personal Protection devices are extremely dangerous. Serious injury or even death may occur if you are careless or untrained in their use.

***Never use one out of the water!! Serious injury or death may occur!

***Never place device on shaft with fingers or hand in front of device! Do not point in unsafe direction. Do not place on shaft until you are immediately ready to use. Do not use if you are not trained to use such a device.

***NEVER attempt to get a stuck live round out of device!!! Serious injury or death may occur.

If live rounds are left too long in device they will rust and become stuck. This is not a defect in the device. Great bodily harm/Death can occur If you attempt to get a live stuck round out! Do not do it! Send it to us for no charge service or simply replace device.

 *Directions included

*Available only for 9/32"(7.1mm) and 5/16"(8mm) shaft sizes. 
*Vented ports for reliability
* Delrin-style inserts for reliability
*Tapered insert for reliability
*Tapered Chamber for easier round extraction
* 120 degree tapered end for reliability on angled shots
*Tethered insert to help prevent loss

*Make your PPD immediately accessible with our Gun Mount, and Belt Mount (available separately).

*Model 7.62 x 54 is up to 4 times more powerful than .223 caliber or other devices

*Uses 7.62 x 54 rounds (We have factory-waterproofed rounds available.)

* Anodized for corrosion resistance

*Perfect for hunting in dangerous conditions.



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